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 Amaya Yuki

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PostSubject: Amaya Yuki   Amaya Yuki Icon_minitimeSun Oct 06, 2013 9:54 pm

Name: Amaya “Ice Queen” Yuki
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5’4
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Birthday: December 20
Clan: Yuki
Sexuality: Bisexual
Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Akatsuki
Element(s): Wind, Water, Ice, Light
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu

General Appearance:

Amaya is a surprisingly pretty girl. She is 5’4. She has tan, smooth to the touch, skin and a curvaceous figure. She also supports a pretty large bust on her chest. Her nails are fairly long and sharp. Her hair is long, it goes past her bottom. It’s a medium blue colour and silk smooth. Her eyes have a distant look to them and are a lighter colour than her hair.

For outfits, Amaya usually wears around a loose fitting spaghetti strapped tank top, with the buttons undone. She often wears a thick shirt that goes an inch above her knees. Depending on where she is depends on what shoes she wears. If in the hideout and home, she wears simple sandals but on missions or training she wears black knee high laced up combat boots.

Amaya has a chilly disposition which usually drives people away from her and more than a touch of dominatrix to her. She is mostly seen showing no emotion at all and is deathly serious all the time, due to living in solitude for so long she has developed a thick inner shell not allowing anyone to get close to her. Due to her obsession with power people label her as a sociopath, a title Amaya has no problem with. As years went by she lost the feeling of empathy and has no problems putting down anyone in her path. An ominous emphasis is usually placed on her asexuality, as people usually believe she is a lesbian, or bi-sexual. Amaya is calm at all times but takes matters relating to her clan very serious and often ignores everything else to tend to the needs of her clan and clan members. When she isn't busy with clan matters (which is rare), she tends to be by herself locked away in her room, avoiding conversations with others, simply because she doesn't care to.

• Power
• Money
• Alcohol
• Freedom

• Hozuki
• Kaguya
• Hot places
• Sour foods

• Gaining Power
• Gaining Wealth

• Commitment



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Amaya Yuki
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