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 Regular character rules

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PostSubject: Regular character rules   Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:24 pm

This here is where you are going to put your character sheets. They are used to apply for a character initially, and to record any changes to your character throughout their lives. Our rules are pretty lenient, though we ask that you keep your character's abilities moderated. For instance, if your character is an academy student, they should only begin with a single ability, maybe two. If they're a Genin, they should have around 5 upon creation. Chuunins should have 10. Special Jounin; 20. Regular Jounin; 35. Anbu; 40. Sannin/S-class; 50. This number simply restricts your character's number of starting jutsu, not the maximum number of abilities they can learn. So, a character that starts with 10 abilities, can learn more through threads.

ie. Ryu is a genin, who starts with 5 abilities. His sensei teaches him one jutsu, and he learns 6 more on his own through training. Ryu has a total of 12 abilities, and isn't even a Chuunin yet. He takes the Chuunin exams, and during them he unlocks two innate jutsu passed down from his family. Finally he passes the exams and becomes a Chuunin. Now Ryu is a Chuunin with 14 abilities/jutsu, as opposed to the 10 that he would have if he started as a Chuunin.

Akatsuki members automatically start like Jounin class ninja, and get 35 abilities. The creation of Anbu and S-class characters requires special permission from an Admin, or Hokage. Special abilities such as Sharingan, Byakugan do not take up one of these jutsu slots, so a genin could have five jutsu and a sharingan. Also, any exceptions to these rules are possible with special permissions. Don't be afraid to ask; we don't bite, and could use some interesting characters.
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Regular character rules
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