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 Jade Fugami (Done)

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PostSubject: Jade Fugami (Done)   Jade Fugami (Done) Icon_minitimeThu Sep 19, 2013 8:56 pm

Name:Jade Fugami
Height:6' 8"
Weight:115 lbs.
Eyes:ice cold blue
Clan: Fugami
Sexuality: lesbian
Village: Village hiden in water (I guess)
Rank: Mizukage
Element(s): water
Specialties: Tranformation

General Appearance: Jade Fugami (Done) Zqtx

Personality: cold calm serious brutal merciless

Likes: winning crushing her enemies under foot watching genins become Chinin

Dislikes: losing genins failing rhe chunin exam

Motivations: to take over the whole continent

Fears: exocution

History: She has always loved women even before becoming Mizukage espically her best friends but more than that she loved watching the Chunin exams froms secret places

Have you read the rules: when a man learns to love he bears the risk of hatred

Sexy jutsu - self explanatory other than she becomes a guy

Substitution- self explanatory again

Water wave maniulation - She makes a clone of herself made of alot of compressed water and the clone acts like she is in danger and when she rewards the savior i there is one wih a kiss on the lips then all the water goes gushing into the drowning them
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Jade Fugami (Done)
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