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 Special rules that apply to Event Characters

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Special rules that apply to Event Characters Empty
PostSubject: Special rules that apply to Event Characters   Special rules that apply to Event Characters Icon_minitimeSun Sep 01, 2013 12:22 am

Event Characters are unique characters on the site, which serve a significant purpose. They can be a large variety of different things such as: certain outlaws, divine beings, unique creatures (such as an onbaa), monsters, royalty/important people, etc. The Event section of the CS should be a description of what kind of event it would be, or how a character might come in to contact with them. The history for an event character (depending on what they are) should be relatively longer than a normal character's. One might think of these characters as the special characters that only appear in movies as opposed to normal episodes. Special permissions are required to make an event character. (Just come up with a good idea and ask, we don't bite.)
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Special rules that apply to Event Characters
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