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 mizuki hikari

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PostSubject: mizuki hikari   mizuki hikari Icon_minitimeThu Aug 29, 2013 7:58 pm

Name: mizuki hikari
Birthday: july 8
Clan:hikari clan
Element(s):lightning and water
Specialties:ninjutsu and strategy

General Appearance:
mizuki hikari 640px-10
Personality:she is nice she is very quite when shes talking to some one she dosent know and is very shy but once she gets to now you she is very open



Motivations:to be the best ninja she can be

Fears:dieing in the dessert

History: when she was a chiled her parents critisized her telling her she would never be good enough
and they kicked her out when she was 10 made her live with her grandfather who was an aggressive drunk then when she became a gonin she got her own place

Have you read the rules:

Name: Raiton: Raikyū no Jutsu (Lightning Ball Technique)
Collecting a charge between their hands, or any metallic objects they are holding, the user creates a small orb of lighting. With a flick forward, he can launch the ball, which electrocutes the target on contact.

Name: Raiton: Daika no Jutsu (Charge Technique)
When the user is holding a metallic object, or another conductor in their hand, by adding a small static charge, they allow the weapon in question to now carry the electrical charge. If the weapon touches the ground, or after it touches the opponent, the charge is then fully dispersed and grounded out

Name: Raiton: Kangekiha no Jutsu (Wave of Inspiration Technique)
The user launches a wave of electricity through any medium which is a good conductor. The wave quickly overwhelms the target, gaining in strength the farther is travels through the medium.

Name: Suiton: Suiben no Justu (Water Whip Technique)
Using their chakra to shape the flow of water around them, the shinobi is able to quickly transform the source around them into a thin whip. Able to function like a regular whip, the water weapon is able to wrap around solid objects as well as damage the target in a similar fashion to the weapon.

Name: Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Clone Technique)
By collecting water and forming it to their image, the user is able to rapidly create clone. The clone is made up completely of water and is a perfect replication of the caster. A special property of water clones is the fact that the clones themselves can be used as sources of water and can be reformed through the injection of additional water. Unlike regular clones, these can effect the environment and use suiton jutsu that the user has equipped.
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mizuki hikari
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