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  Kimura, Sachie

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PostSubject: Kimura, Sachie    Kimura, Sachie Icon_minitimeMon Aug 26, 2013 10:18 pm

 Kimura, Sachie Naruto_oc__aonos_daughter_ruby_shirayuki_by_zoy1aka1aono-d59oj7y

Her Puppet
Name: Sachie Kimura
Gender:  Female
Age:  12
Height: 5’2’’
Weight:  110
Hair: Red
Eyes: Cyan blue
Birthday: 10/04
Sexuality: Bi
Village: Sand
Rank: Genin
Element(s): Water
Specialties: Puppet Master, Medical nin

General Appearance: Refer to the picture, but she has a scroll that hangs by a strap on her back. Also, there is a scar on her right arm that is in the shape of a letter J.

Sachie is a shy girl that doesn’t talk much to other people and keeps to herself most of the time. This is simply because her past somewhat scars her and makes her believe that all humans only live to kill. She is also very frantic and scared at times, which may cause her to have a panic attack. This is something that Sachie hates about herself and wants to change more than ever. The only thing that may calm her down is rain and the sound of a flute, especially when both of the sounds are playing at the same time. She is also calm and happy when her little 8 year old brother is around her, since he can always bring a smile on her face with his cute personality and smile.

Likes:  Sachie only likes a couple of things since she never had much luxury in her life, like other kids she knows. One thing that she loves now and forever is her brother Aiko.  His chubby cheeks always bright up her day and can switch her frown to a smile in seconds. Sachie also enjoys the lovely sound of rain for some strange reason she does not know. It just calms her down a bit and makes her enjoy life for once.  The feeling of the rain drops touching her skin is also just as amazing and soothing.

Dislikes: The one thing that Sachie really hates is when someone touches her or if someone tries to harm her little brother. Despite her shy ways, Sachie would do anything to protect her brother, even if it meant giving up her life. It is actually surprising to everyone she knows, to watch Sachie turn into this monster just because some harmed her little brother.

The only thing Sachie would wish for is the safety of her little brother. Since wishing upon a shooting star doesn’t make something really come true, Sachie learned the ninja ways to make her wish come true herself. The safer the world is, the safer her brother is. That’s her motto. Though, sometimes she forgets about this and just does it for her brother, abounding her village and fellow comrades just to save her little brother. She feels bad at times for thinking this way, but she would always get over it after a while and forces back on her brother again.

Sachie purpose of living is to protect her little brother from harm’s way, so naturally her only fear, other than the dark, is if her brother is hurt. Anything else just seems bad to her, but her one and true fear is harm towards her brother. She would do anything just to stop something like this; Sachie would even give up her own life to save his. Her little brother is Sachie’s whole world, so no matter what she will protect him from the villains that crawl on this earth.

At only the age of 7, Sachie and her little brother Akio was left to die by her parents. Akio was only 3 at the time, so he didn’t cry that often but for Sachie the situation was different. She would stay up until 4 AM, crying over her parents. Eventually, Sachie and Akio ran out of money for food so they had to earn some herself. Taking over the mother role, Sachie earned all the money by selling herself out to villagers. Since she grew up in a wonderful village, Sachie didn’t have any mean or harsh customers until one day she sold herself out to this cold man. Being the small and Naïve girl she was, Sachie took her little brother with her when the man asked her too. She simply thought he was trying to be nice. Unknowingly, the two of them were taken to the man’s house that was a good distance from their village. There, the man locked the two of them in chains and threw them into two boxes. For the next  year Akio and Sachie were left alone in separate boxes with nothing more than a mere puppet to play with. The only time the man would take them out was if he wanted to ‘play’ with them by touching them in the most private places. This scarred the two of them, but mostly Sachie since she was the older one. The man even left a scar on Sachie’s right arm in the shape of a small J. Luckily the man was caught a year later and the two of them were able to be set free. This experience was still with them though, haunting them like ghost.  Sachie still feels the man’s hands on her body today, and she can’t imagine how her brother feels. After going through such things, Sachie never wanted Akio to get harmed like that again. All she wanted and wants today is his safety. This is why she became a ninja. This was and still is her purpose of living and she intends to fulfill her life promise of keeping Akio safe.

Have you read the rules:
When a man learns to love, he must bear the risk of hatred.

Name: Chakra Sensing Technique
Description: Using this technique, sensors can tell when enemies are approaching, and can easily track down targets. The range of this technique varies between sensors.

Name: Mystical Palm Technique
Description:  This medical ninjutsu allows the user to speed up the body's natural healing process by sending chakra from their hands into a wound or afflicted body part. Name: Mystical Palm Technique

Name:  Doctor’s smoke
Description:  Sachie’s puppet can release a smoke from its mouth and/or eyes that will poison it’s victim, so they feel this huge amount of pain that a human cannot bear, or they  may stay perfectly fine for 5 minutes and eventually get ill and die in about 1 hour. She will soon be able to create paralyze smoke, sleep smoke and more.

Name:  Medical needles
Description:  Sachie’s puppet can release countless needles from its ‘mouth’ at a high speed rate at her victim. The needles are most likely bathed in poison.

Name: Charkra Threads
Description: a technique that is usually used by puppeteers to allow them to control their puppets in battle.

(note: Her puppet may throw some Kunais at her victims as well, and her puppet's fingers are wires that can shoot forward and grab someone.)

Face claim: Naruto OC: Aonos daughter Ruby Shirayuk

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PostSubject: Re: Kimura, Sachie    Kimura, Sachie Icon_minitimeTue Aug 27, 2013 4:42 pm

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Kimura, Sachie
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