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 Ace Toromaki

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Ace Toromaki Fm_ace10

Name: Ace Toromaki
Bijuu: Saiken (6 tails)
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 113
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Birthday: July 31st
Clan: Toromaki
Sexuality: Straight
Village: Village hidden in the clouds
Rank: Genin
Element(s): Water
Specialties: Genjutsu

General Appearance/Personality: Ace has long white hair that runs down her back, ending in a triangle cut at the backs of her knees. She constantly has a nervous look on her face, doubled with her fearful blue eyes, so many judge her as "the shy girl." However, she can be very outgoing, happy, and determined, but only when she feels comfortable. Most people treat her poorly, or are afraid to her due to the Bijuu inside of her, except for her childhood friend, Dante Isudansei, who for the past 12 years has not known about her demon. (anything not covered here, just look to the pic)

Likes: Rain, Having friends, Tricks, Making people pay for treating her poorly (though she usually doesn't have the courage to do so)

Dislikes: People she just met, frogs, bugs, turtles, blood, sunny days

Motivations: Proving herself to the rest of her village,
Plot Spoiler:

Fears: That no one will accept her, Her Bijuu, Frogs Turtles and Bugs, Being alone

History: Ace was born in the Hidden Village of Sound, but after a few strong accusations on their people by other villages, her parents decided that it would be best for them to move. On the way to the Hidden Village of Cloud, the were attacked by Akatsuki members, and pregnant Misses Toromaki was hit with a sealing jutsu. Her child now bore the curse of a demon, becoming a Jinchuuriki, and her husband dead. Then, without anything more, the Akatsuki disappeared, and Ace's mother was free to continue her journey in pain and devastation. By the time she had reached the village, she went in to labor and gave birth to Ace. Due to the birth of a Jinchuuriki, her mother died and Ace was left to fend for herself, until Dante's family offered to take her in and care for her until she was older.

Sense Agari: Ace's signature genjutsu that weakens one of the senses of her opponent
Mist Clone: Ace creates a clone, much like the shadow clone jutsu, with the only exception being that they are made out of mist, and can pass through walls but cannot physically interact with objects
Transformation Jutsu: Ace can transform in to most objects that are the same size as her or smaller
Hidden Mist Jutsu: Ace can use an already existing fog cover to hide in. By pouring her chakra in to it, Sharingan and Rinnegan users will see the mist as the same color as the user's chakra, thus making them useless
Hidden Water Jutsu: Works the same as her Hidden Mist Jutsu, but with bodies of water.
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Ace Toromaki
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