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 Genin Team Template

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PostSubject: Genin Team Template   Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:37 pm

Genin teams should be relatively self explanatory. They are simply teams of three Genin, who perform simple missions for their villages under the dictation of their sensei. In addition, each member must pass a test decided by the team leader to ensure that each member is worth their rank.

[b]Team number (assigned by team's leader):["DELETE"/b] Team name

[b]Team leader:["DELETE"/b]

[b]Team members:["DELETE"/b]

In order for this to be recognized as a complete team, the leader/sensei must fill out this template and post it as a new topic. Then, each team member must simply post; Accepted, afterwards. Leaders may conduct their team in whatever way they see fit.
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Genin Team Template
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