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 Hideki Gowa

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PostSubject: Hideki Gowa   Hideki Gowa Icon_minitimeSun Aug 11, 2013 10:42 pm

Hideki Gowa
Village:hidden in the sand
Element(s):wind, lightning, genjutsu
Hideki Gowa Gray-h10
Personality:outgoing, social, and hard working

Likes:his friends and his family

Dislikes: betrayal  

Motivations: to move up in ranking

Fears:none known

History:grew up outside of the sand village in an area covered with cherry blossoms and moved in with his family to train

Justsu/abilities:wind scythe jutsu: sharp blades of wind cut the opponent if they hit

genjutsu: cherry blossom grove: victim is made to walk along a path and after a while of walking things change. The roots of the cherry blossoms start to seep into the victims legs burrowing into the victim and up becoming larger and further up the body until they entrap the victim

lightning style: chidan: cloaks hand in lightning chakara and pierces or touches the victim

wind style: wind shurikens: cloaks shurikens in wind chakara that can be thrown.

substitution jutsu

Genjutsu: Ka Shuriken no Jutsu:The target sees a group of shuriken and/or kunai being thrown at them from a direction of the user’s choosing. The projectiles disappear upon contact without causing any harm.

Lightning style: Raikyū no Jutsu:Collecting a charge between their hands, or any metallic objects they are holding, the user creates a small orb of lighting. With a flick forward, he can launch the ball, which electrocutes the target on contact.

wind style Wind Needles:The wind is usually formed on top of the user’s finger and shot at will. It can be shot with dozens at the same time, and does have to move in a straight line. The needles are easier to spot than most due to the vacuum of air that they create.

genjutsu Yata Kagami no Jutsu :A variation on the buushin technique, this jutsu creates a dozen reflections of the user or friendly target all around the battlefield. The reflections copy every action of the user, and any attack passes right through them.

genjutsu Shuukai Saimin no Jutsu: Feathers start to fly down within a 10 meter radius. All those who see them grow drowsy, passing out if they fail to recognize and cancel the jutsu

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Hideki Gowa
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