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 Fangless Beast arrives

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Fangless Beast arrives Empty
PostSubject: Fangless Beast arrives   Fangless Beast arrives Icon_minitimeTue Nov 05, 2013 12:27 pm

Envy peeked his head out from within the shadow of a tree.It's confounds shielding him from not only the sight of others,but the light given off by the sun aswell.Now standing he'd shake violently as if he had never walked on his own before.A chuckle escaping from his pale grey slips as he lingered the pool of shadows around him.A smirk then cut through his once blank expression allowing his fangs to peek outward just outside his mouth cavity.The figures slender outline seemed to blur within the enternal darkness swimming around his body,strands of this lifeless substance coiling tightly around his flesh concealing every fiber of his skin.Some things remained visable however this included the ocean blue obtic's in which gleamed brightly throughout the endless oblivion,that seemed to expunge all light drenching it in the clutches of utter chaos.A object laying upon the ground also glew in a array of light in which happened to be a orange shade.This object resembled a swords sheath,adn within a instant began to wade slowly away as if it were a simple flame being expunged from existence.In a few moments a small sliver feather had replaced the sheath however strange this may have been the, figure had ignored the occureance as if he'd seen it all before.Raising his R.arm infront of his torso the male's palm opened for a mere few seconds.As these seconds dwindled a small cluster of purple orbs would gather amongst the tips of the males fingers,flickering repeatly while rapidly shrinking an enlarging multiple times.After this happened the orbs hovered outward extracting themselves from the figures fingertips floating upward 4ft into the air.Once there these orb's would expand outwards slowly growing larger until 5 masses equivlent to Mt.Fuji if they were fused together,were there amongst the azure tinted sky.No clouds coated the sky today leaving the Orbs to hover endlessly throughout there current space.The arm that was mentioned earlier now reverting it's pointing direction toward the sky.His arm now gently rotated in a circular motion his wrist moving from left to right freely,the bracelet he wore around his wrist possessed 8 charms in which knocked against each other creating a high pitched ringing sound.It matched that of a church bell combined with the scream of a howler monkey.If you returned your attetion to the sky once more,the orbs had alined themselves vertically across it's vast contents.Each had become a different shade,but aquired the shape of a lotus flower.Now the figure stepped outward into the light a meancing laughter filling the area with it's sheer maddness.His obtics narrowing downward creating small slit's inwhich traced there targets every movement.A intesive feeling of hatred,agony,and sorrow emerging from the depths of this one gaze.Who could this figure of such emotion,and fearful intetion that highlighted nothing more than the sheer,beauty of his talent's was Envy Kurama know only as "The fangless Beast." "My love.My life.My soul.My very light belonged to no one. I was owned by no one.The void however held my Heart,and coiled around it holding me in it's cold breathless embrace."*
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Fangless Beast arrives
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